BR30 20W Outdoor Waterproof Led Spotlight Bulb

led spotlight bulb-BR30

These LED BR30 bulbs are a replacement for incandescent and CFL reflector bulbs.Commonly, BR30s have a 110-degree beam angle. With the broad beam spread, LED BR30 bulbs are a good choice for wall washing or wall grazing techniques. Wall washing spreads the light uniformly along the whole wall from top to bottom for an even illumination. It’s a popular technique for art galleries and museums. Wall grazing is used to accentuate textured surfaces. It creates exaggerated and pronounced shadows on stone columns, brick, and other surfaces to give the space a more dramatic look.


Save up to 86% on electricity costs compared to normal bulbs.

LEDs also provide good color rendering and provide instant-on light without any mercury content.

The BR30 LED light bulb can last up to 30000 hours if used for 3 hours per day on average. That means 25 years before needing a replacement.


The product adopts PC with aluminum shell, anti-static, anti-dust and anti-leakage electricity.

The product adopts ultra-bright LED as light source, saving energy, no heat, and long life.

E27 lamp base: easy to installation and to replace traditional lamp.


Applicable places: bars, hotels, discos, karaoke, western restaurants, cafes, kitchens, bedrooms, corridors, living rooms, clubs, showcases, art halls, museums, various leisure and entertainment venues, and small nights Lamps and other environmental decorative lighting.

Product Specification

Electronic DataSupply VoltageAC85-265V
Supply Frequency50/60Hz
Power Consumption12W/15W/18W/20W
Power Factor>0.5/0.9
LED DataLED Model5730
Structure DataSizeBR30: 96*h132/BR40: 122*h145
MaterialAluminum with PC
Colourwhite color
Lamp BaseE27
Chromaticity DataColor Temperature2700K-7000K
Luminous Flux1080LM/1350LM/1620LM/1800LM
Luminous Efficiency90LM/W
Beam Angle110°
Operating ConditionRated Lamp Life35000h
Operating Ambient Temperature_20_45℃


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