LED Silm Panel Round Recessed Goodlook Series

LED Slim Panel widely is used in the hall, corridors. TIECO Slim Panel Goodlook Series has an ultra slim, exquisite appearance, the light from stable LED to the diffuser sprinkle the space uniformly. Making the work space is full of comfort and vigor. Excellent appearance, mature processing technology makes it looks very good, and the energy-saving is friendly.


Ultra slim and exquisite appearance is easy to install with mounting brackets.

Soft and comfortable lighting, Anti-glare and protect eyesight;

To replace the short lived fluorescent lamps that are typically used in interior lighting.

Energy Saving-Saving 55%-70% electricity cost of traditional Panels.


Aluminum Alloy Frame

Stable Domestic LGP

Qualified Driver


Conference Room, Meeting Room, Open office, Private offices, Corridors, hotel, and Exhibition hall