LED T8 Tube 150lm/w CoreEffic Series

In some renovation of an existing space, clients usually ask replacing the tradition light without changing fixture. Meanwhile they need more energy saving, longer lifespan to reduce the cost of maintenance and reach a higher lux levels. For this condition, TIECO opened up a LED T8 Tube CoreEffic Series, high quality core components, stable driver and excellent manufacturing process ensure TIECO tube can reach 150lm/w. High performance is very good for satisfy the customer’s requirement.


Adjustable viewing angle with rotated cap

Thicker aluminum housing with good heat dissipation

Quality driver ensure 5 years warranty

Energy saving and cost efficient


PC+ Aluminum base housing.

Rotated Cap

150lm/w Luminous Efficacy.

Qualified driver


Residential and office lighting, shopping malls, shops and other commercial units, industrial lighting

SKU: led8