LED T8 Tube Nano PC 100lm/w Ecotube Series

Full PC LED TUBE in the markets have a big problem, that is bend easily after working a few time. Some of client was harried by it. After a lot of experiments, TIECO selects a new material in the T8 tube to solve the troubles of the tube bending. One third of deflection of PC tube reduces the risk of tube drop out, meanwhile lighting transmittance of the new material up to 92%. Considering LED tube is conventional product and fierce competition in the market, the price of TIECO T8 Eco-tube series is also very competitive.


Anti-bending, anti-yellowing and anti-glare performance

Soft light and brightness

Competitive price due to advance technology, 20% cost is saved.


Nano polymer plastic body

100lm/w Luminous Efficacy

Competitive price with high performance

Wide light beam angle


Residential and office lighting, shopping malls, shops and other commercial units, industrial lighting